Question – Hello, we received our green card

Hello, we received our Green Card 3 months ago, can we start the application to petition for my adult daughter over 21 years old to come to USA. Only my husband is working at the moment, should we both be working? Thanks


Question – My father got his im

My father got his immigrant visa as permanent residents by the F-4 category (by his sister) in 2015. My sister (13 year-old) and I (17 year-old) are ‚Äúderivative beneficiary” who live and study in the US since 2015. If my father give up GC then will my sister and I lose our permanent resident status too?

Question – I have been living in US

I have been living in US for 4 years under F1 visa. I graduated, had a CPT and OPT period.
I am now under a immigration process. Me employer filled a petition in my behalf and was approved by the department of labor
I filled the AOS together with I-765 (Authorization for work and travel). It was approved and I got my new EAD card today, valid for 1 year!
I have been enrolled in school to keep my status to be able to do the AOS.
My questions are:
1)Now that I have my permission to work, can I “pause” school until I get the answer about the AOS?!

2) I’ve heard that when you have AOS filled and in progress, the F1 status automatically is cancelled because I have a case in progress. Is this correct?!

3) If I am not F1 anymore, what status am I under?!

Question – Good dayI have a r

Good day
I have a really important question.
I was going to be in an University in the USA for an internship. They told me at first I had to issue an J1 visa and I did.
But I never use it and the two year rule applied to me.
So, the visa it is cancelled or was never activated and the two year rule doesnt apply? or it does apply?