Question – My mother is 70 and

My mother is 70 and a US citizen. I am an Australian citizen living in Australia with my husband. I want my mom to apply for me on i130. What is the processing time? She is elderly and needs care as she has a medical condition and needs a carer.

Question – Hello,I am a nat


I am a naturalized US citizen and will be filing the I-130 to obtain a GC for my mother. My mother’s age in my birth certificate is incorrect. Should I note this error when I send my birth certificate as proof of relationship or should I try to correct my birth certificate first?

Question – My sister who is a US citizen

My sister who is a US citizen filed an alien relative application I-130 for me in 2014. This application is still pending. My same sister intends to file the same application I-130 for our mother in December of 2016. I have a valid B1-B2 visa. As our mother’s personal home carer, can I on the strength of this, apply for an adjustment of status to remain in the US, when she recieves her green card?

Question – My i-485 status changed

My i-485 status changed to we have ordered your card but I haven’t been asked to submit my medical examination. I have searched tirelessly online and it seems i-693 is a requirement prior to approving i-485.
What should I do? Is this an error or are there exceptions to completing i-693?