Question – Hi, I met my husband

Hi, I met my husband 5 years ago, and I come to the U.S about 2.5 years ago to go to school, which means I come with F1 Visa. and my program is gonna finish on December 16, 2016. My husband approached me 3 months ago, and We got married a month ago. Then my just applied Permanent Residence or Adjust Status a week ago. Now, I am still going to school. And my question is, can I go back to school next semester, spring 2017? (Note: my I-20, program is going to finish on Dec. 16th, 2016. I did not extend it since I already applied adjust status.)

Question – I have been living in US

I have been living in US for 4 years under F1 visa. I graduated, had a CPT and OPT period.
I am now under a immigration process. Me employer filled a petition in my behalf and was approved by the department of labor
I filled the AOS together with I-765 (Authorization for work and travel). It was approved and I got my new EAD card today, valid for 1 year!
I have been enrolled in school to keep my status to be able to do the AOS.
My questions are:
1)Now that I have my permission to work, can I “pause” school until I get the answer about the AOS?!

2) I’ve heard that when you have AOS filled and in progress, the F1 status automatically is cancelled because I have a case in progress. Is this correct?!

3) If I am not F1 anymore, what status am I under?!

Question – Hello,I am holding F1


I am holding an F-1 visa that won’t expire until 2019. I will marry my girlfriend, who is an American citizen, in June 2017. After the marriage, we plan to leave the USA for one year in August because of my academic research.

1-) Do I have to apply for adjustment of status (AOS) although my F-1 visa is valid until 2019? Or can I postpone it until we come back the US? Will it be a trouble to re-enter the US because they will think that I’ve been hiding information -marriage in this case-?

2-) If I have to apply for AOS, is it a problem to leave the US? As I said, we can apply for it right after the marriage that will take place in June, but we will be leaving in 2,5 or 3 months at the end of August after the application. I was wondering if it is possible to have the interview in the American Consulate of the country where we’ll be. Or if I am allowed to leave the US after applying for AOS, I can come back for the interview of course if it is an option.

3-) I am getting my funding from my school since I am a TA. I am supposed to get my research funding in September 2017. If I apply for AOS in June 2017, will it affect my funding because as far as my status will be pending and I won’t be able to us my SSN during that period?

Thank you so much

Question – I am currently on the F-1 OPT

I am currently on the F-1 OPT and am working full time. Although my OPT expires in August 2017, I am in a STEM field and will be applying for the OPT STEM extension next year.

My partner (who is a US citizen) and I are planning to get married early next year.My concern is that when I apply for the Adjustment of Status, my OPT EAD will be void and I will have to quit my job while the application is pending. My other concern is the STEM extension- I am worried that I may not get it.

As my partner is a grad student and wont start working until next year, my concern is that I keep a steady source of income- I also dont want to lose the job I have through my OPT. Is it possible to keep working on the OPT EAD card while an application for adjustment of status has been filed? Do you think it might be smarter to apply for the STEM OPT and then wait till my partner has a job to apply for the AOS? If we apply for AOS now, we would obviously get a joint sponsor as he doesn’t have an income right now.

Thanks for your help